Friday, June 2, 2017

The Garden

I'm into gardening lately.  Wait, that's a lie.  I am into eating the food that's flourishing in our garden. It tastes that much sweeter knowing it's truly organic and pesticide free.  Since having our kids, I've become that much pickier as to what goes into our mouths.  Except when I'm scarfing down pizza and beer.  I mean, who doesn't NEED pizza and beer occasionally?

I've always dreamt of having a garden where I can source our food from.  Let me preface by saying I really, really, really dislike bugs {trying avoid using the word hate}. I mean, like if there's a spider in my bedroom, on the ceiling, on the other side of the room, I probably won't sleep in that room until it's dealt with.  Obviously, part of gardening is dealing with bugs.  The scary kind of bugs that hide in the dirt and jump out at you when your hands deep.  So although I've always dreamt of having a garden, part of my dream did not include me being the gardener.  Cue in the husband.  We had a little  "sit down" and I took to Pinterest to show him all the garden ideas and inspiration I'd been collecting.  I also kindly asked that he do the gardening, I would do the cooking.  Match made in Heaven.

Our space is not nearly as large as the space in the above photos, but I thought we could make it work.  Andres got to building out the garden.  We saved the seeds from the squash, green and red peppers we'd eaten and he planted those along with carrots, basil and butter leaf lettuce.  I have a confession to make, I'm a bad wife.  I didn't check out his masterpiece until about 6 months after it was done.  I know, shameful (I had an excuse, I was in 'just-had-baby' daze).  When I did go out and have a look :: dreams shattered :: nothing like my inspirational photos.  

Green & Red Peppers

I'll admit, my inspiration photos may have been a little ambitious.  I'm actually not even mad because the man's got a green thumb.  He basically took all the seeds and through them in the dirt.  In no particular order.  We've got carrots growing next to peppers and squash just taking over the whole damn party.  We've got a few things sprouting we're not even sure what they are.  He swears he planted basil here {see below}, but it smells nothing like basil.  Somehow though, he's made it work.


Squash {we're not sure if it's butternut, spaghetti or pumpkin} 

If you follow me on Instagram stories, you've seen us eat the red peppers and lettuce.  Truly delicious!  I can't wait to pick the carrots and squash.  We've got a big problem with the squash though, the vines are now taking over my backyard.  My daughter thinks Cinderella's carriage and the Fairy Godmother will manifest soon.  I'm just worried it will kill all the other veggies.   Husband has promised me that after everything has sprouted, he will rebuild and replant. For amateur gardeners, we're not doing that bad.  Like how I took some of the credit there?