Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Halloween Decor: How to keep it stylish with kids around

I've always loved decorating for the holidays and now with children it's even better. They get so excited when it's time to bring out the decor! As fun as it may be though, it's challenging to incorporate kid approved decor while keeping it stylish and chic.  Over the years I've learned a few tricks I'm sharing here with you, so you don't have to stare at a green and purple witch with a frilly costume sitting in your living room {unless you like that sorta thing, which is cool too}. Here we go:

1. Black & White is always nice.

Or any color palette you choose. If you stick to a consistent color palette the decor in your home will look streamlined and not over the top.  A classic black and white palette is easy to execute during Halloween.  This year I went with black and white decor with pops of orange.  I let the kids pick out the "clown pumpkin" which is a whimsical enough for them and stylish enough for me.

Not into black and white? Any color palette will work.  Check out this beautiful and unique pastel Halloween.

Peachfully Chic 
2.  Pumpkin Overload.

Kids love pumpkins.  Stack them everywhere.  Textured pumpkins add a nice design element and you can make them with the kids.  Have them add gold glitter, black pom poms, jute string or fishnet pantyhose.  The options are endless. Just make sure you stick to that color palette I mentioned above so it doesn't look like a kindergarten class threw up in your living room.

Good Housekeeping

3.  Take it outside.

If I'm getting a lot of resistance from the family on my "fancy decor," I let them go all out with the exterior decorations.  My kids go insane over those lawn things that blow up. Outside we have spiders hanging from the windows, witches projecting on our wall and light up pumpkins. Best part, I don't have to see it unless I'm outside.

4.  Arts & Crafts.

Adding to the textured pumpkins which are so hands on for the kids, cut out ghosts, bats or witches are fun too.  You can find templates online and then just have the kids cut them out and help you hang them up.  Again, if you stick to a color palette, little white ghosts will look uber chic flying up your wall.

Beautiful Mess

5.  Keep it fun.

This is the most important thing.  If the kids want a green witch that laughs when you walk by, so be it. Make the best of it and incorporate into your decor. It's all about keeping it fun and creating memories for them they will treasure forever.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Guess how much I paid?

There's a common misconception that in order to create a beautiful space, one must blow all their savings.  Truth is, that's not at all the case. You don't need a big budget to make your home look like it belongs in a magazine {or that you spent way more than you actually did}.  Here are a few tips on how to get that that Pinterest worthy look on a small budget.

1. Upgrade Lighting

Get rid of those boob lights and upgrade to a modern chandelier or a more budget friendly flush mount.  Be sure to add dimmers, as lighting is important in setting the ambience.  Add lamps as well, to side tables, console tables and night stands.  Don't have room for lamps? Then add a sconce.  You don't even need to hard wire some of them, these modern ones can be plugged into the wall.

Fringed Haven Design
2. Mix Affordable and Expensive Pieces

Mix expensive pieces with more affordable ones.  Are you really crushing on that $3K velvet couch? Get it. Then add an area rug from West Elm, chairs from IKEA or some vintage pieces from a thrift store. You'll enjoy your luxury couch without blowing your budget and your more affordable pieces will seem as luxurious.


3.  Large Scale Artwork

You can find great artwork these days online at sites like Society 6, Art.com and even Urban Outfitters.  Opt for large scale pieces that make a bold statement and make the room seem grander. Tapestries are also a great option and can sometimes be more affordable.

Liza Marie Blog

4.  Window Treatments

This one is extremely important.  Invest in custom window treatments and drapes, or at least great quality ones. Make sure the drapes reach the floors, the curtain rods are sturdy and placed at least 6 inches above the window frame. This creates the illusion of a taller window and higher ceilings.

Copy  Cat Chic
5.  Texturize

Don't be afraid to add texture.  Incorporate textiles, metallics and patterns to give the room depth and character. Think gold frames, lush fabrics and patterns.  If that's too bold for you, stick to a monochromatic theme with different textures.

6.  Style Everything

Style every bookshelf, night table, console table or clutter corner you have.  You can use books and items from thrift shops as well as incorporating a more expensive vase or lamp.  Personalize the spaces by adding your favorite plant or family photos.

7.  Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are everything.  They help make a room inviting and bring it to life. They add a pop of color as well dimension.  Flowers will help you create that magazine ready space we all crave.

The Everygirl